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The following is available for download :

  • Formulae 1 demo for Macintosh. This software is fully functional with a restriction of 15 minutes per run. Download the software now. click

  • Formulae 1 demo for WinCE. This executable runs on SH3 and MIPS based WinCE devices. The software is fully functional with the exception of file I/O (load and save). You will need to install the Symbol/Times font to be able to get Greek characters and other Math Symbols. For a quick demo, press <Ctrl> and tap on the screen. A simple default animation will run. Tap on the left-bottom folder to get the Folder tree (tap once again to hide it).

  • Formulae 1 Java editionNew Stuff. This version works with any JVM (Java Virtual Machine) that supports Java version 1.02 or higher. The Math engine here is a bit more complete than the C/C++ version. Download the software now.click

  • Java based Chemistry Software. This is the Jar file for the applets.

You can also obtain some documentation.

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